sounds like: ellie goulding, lorde, tove lo, broods


short bio

Surely and steadily, Remmi has been seeping her way into the alternative pop genre over the past year. As a producer, writer, and vocalist, she is finding her place and has every intention to stay. Most recently, her collaboration with New York-based producer Lucian has garnered close to 1 million total streams on Soundcloud in the two months since its release. 
Remmi's first single from her forthcoming EP, Star Spangled, was featured as a part of MTV's "Scream" worldwide series premiere. In August, Columbia Records released Star Spangled on the Scream Season 1 Soundtrack.
The Revue (Canada) has described her music as a "sociological examination of her homeland." It's true that Remmi has demonstrated a penchant for critiquing all things American. She holds a degree in US History studies, and has found a way to use it to develop a unique sound in the altpop world- bold and evocative writing with uncompromising vocal delivery to match.
Her forthcoming EP is set to be released in November.


PRESS highlights

“…Unlike many tracks from this genre that tend to focus on relationships, Lucian X Remmi take a historical perspective, dedicating the song to Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968. The song is a reflection of not just what Kennedy meant to people then and now but also the culture of violence that pervades many corners ofAmerican society. It’s a clever track.
This isn’t the first time that the Nashville-based Remmi has taken a sociological examination of her homeland. On “Star Spangled”, she looks at the rise and fall of cities, families, and individuals. It’s an awesome single.”
- The Revue on “Bobby K”

“Remmi’s beautiful voice (a blend of Lorde and Lana Del Rey) creates an eerie presence when she speaks of RFK’s assassination, but she also revs the American spirit…”
- Dean William of Eat. Drink. Music on “Bobby K”

“Frankness isn’t usually associated with pop music. It’s typically the territory of singer/songwriters of the acoustic variety. So it’s refreshing when Nashville pop newcomer REMMI comes out of the gate with lines like “I’m so tired of owing money to people all the damn time” in debut single “Star Spangled.” The electronic artist and producer backs up the sentiments with moody vocals and one hell of a crescendo.”
- No Country for New Nashville